MSI 009 : The Power of Podcasting

Multiple Streams of Income Podcast - The Power of Podcasting

This episode is all about the power of podcasting.  What is a podcast?  Why should you care?  How can podcasting boost or enhance your business or brand?  What is needed to create a podcast?

Simply put, podcasting is an incredible medium and opportunity to build authority and exposure for any existing business, or you can even start a podcast as a new venture or business in itself.

What is needed to start a podcast?

In it’s most basic form, here are the things needed to start a podcast:

A microphone to record audio.  Yes, this can be as basic as your built-in microphone on your computer or smartphone, but better quality audio will result in a better experience for your listeners.

The ATR2100 (my affiliate link) is a great microphone.  This is the one I use because it has high quality sound at a fraction of what other professional microphones cost.

Of course you will need a device to record the audio.  This could be your computer, smartphone, or even a recorded webinar system.

If you will be recording and editing your podcast directly on your iPhone or iPad, the Bossjock app is the way to go.  If you will be using your PC or Mac computer, there are several great options out there for doing so (Audacity is a great free audio recording/editing program).

Though a website is not essential for launching a podcast, I would strongly recommend one as it’s extremely useful to have a place you can post show notes about each episode, which will in turn help your show gain exposure in the search engines.  A website also provides the opportunity for you to interact and capture the contact information of your audience.  For website hosting I recommend SiteGround (my affiliate link).

Capture the contact information of your audience and website visitors, because the money is in the list.  Email marketing and text message marketing are essential (listen to episode 008 where we talk about text message marketing).

Audio file hosting – There are several different podcast hosting providers, but I prefer Libsyn.

Of course, if you would prefer to have someone else create and manage your podcast for you, contact me as I am now offering podcast production and consulting services.

Thanks for listening and I look forward to hearing from you.

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