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Welcome to episode three of the Multiple Streams of Income Podcast.  In this episode my guest is Ken Newton, C.O.O. of Financial Halo, a revolutionary company and business opportunity providing multiple streams of income under one roof.  Ken’s early years included 12 years with the 1st Special Forces Group (ABN), 20th Special Forces Group. He returned to his home and, securing insurance and investment credentials, established a financial planning business that targeted the self-employed business owner. He soon founded Entrepreneur Development Group, a seminar company designed to promote self-employment.

In this episode…

Ken discusses his extensive experience in the business world which has led him to his position at Financial Halo.  As of the time of this recording, Financial Halo is in it’s pre-launch phase and is currently looking to align with industry leaders.  If you are a leader and are looking to team up with Financial Halo, contact Ken directly at ken [at]  Be sure to tell Ken that you heard him on The Multiple Streams of Income Podcast!

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Ken Newton - Financial Halo COO

Ken Newton C.O.O. Financial Halo

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